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combined May 2010 Primary Results (statewide)

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William Sensiba

Our roots

Neighborhood Networks in the 15th ward (Fairmount/Art Museum area) traces its origins to the MoveOn presidential campaign of 2004. After the election a core group of about a dozen residents decided to keep the energy and connections alive by continuing to hold monthly potlucks over the winter.

Uniting to form Neighborhood Networks

When we heard that other MoveOn veterans around the city were doing the same thing and planned to form a new organization, we joined them at the University of Pennsylvania Law School in June, 2005, and Neighborhood Networks was born. The idea was to create an ongoing organization to push for progressive candidates and policies in Philadelphia and the national level, not unlike the strategy the far right used so successfully to dominate the Republican Party.

Focus on issues doubled voter turnout

We have been active on a variety of fronts since. We conducted a petition drive to get the state legislature to roll back its Midnight salary increase and raise the minimum wage instead, worked successfully to turn out a large vote for ethics reform in the city council, have held regional meetings on gun violence, and have been supporting the Recycle Bank program. We were very active in the 2006 senate and gubernatorial election and actually doubled the voter turnout in the ward compared to 2002, the last off-year election. Ditto the recent mayoral and city council races.

Fun, informative potluck meetings

We have about 85 people on our e-mail list and continue to hold potlucks on a regular basis. We often invite speakers. Bill Greenlee, the Democratic leader of the 15th ward, for example, came and talked about how party politics in the city works, and Tim Potts, the co-chair of Democracy Rising, PA, gave us some insight into state politics and the dramatic need for reform in Harrisburg. We work closely with Bill Greenlee and six of our members are committee people in the ward.







Coming events
We have no upcoming events at this time.

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Coming September 25: POW (the Progressive Organizing Workshop).

What you'll learn: everything you need to know about beating Republicans, and Keeping Democrats . . . democrats.

By Stan Shapiro

August 15, 2010

OK, let’s start with first things first. We must defeat the Republicans this Fall. The Republican Party has scuttled all pretenses to moderation, particularly in Pennsylvania. Its candidates for Governor and Senator, Tom Corbett and Pat Toomey, are far to the right of the last Republican holders of those offices, Tom Ridge and Rick Santorum. Yes, that’s right, Pat Toomey is far to the right of Rick Santorum. And Tom Corbett, who claims that the unemployed like being out of work, and that national health care legislation is unconstitutional, thinks taking Pennsylvania back to the 1920’s would be really swell.

So these two must be beaten, no ifs, ands, or buts. Insuring that PA remains blue this Fall is reason enough to hold a training event devoted to getting out a huge Democratic vote in November. Register now!...

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8th WARD RESULTS of May 18 2010 DEMOCRATIC Primary Election

combined May 2010 Primary Results (statewide)
US Senate Incumbent upset; 8th Ward State Representative Incumbent wins again; MORE!

By by Bill Marston LEED AP

May 20, 2010

Center City's 8th Ward voting results show that we supported the candidates endorsed by Neighborhood Networks citywide: Joe Hoeffel - governor; Joe Sestak - US senator; Babette Josephs - state representative. We also voted overwhelmingly for Philadelphian Jonathan Saidel for lieutenant governor....

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Health Care Reform:
No Mistakes This Time

15th Ward Health Care Meeting

By Bill Sensiba

March 17, 2009

On Sunday night, March 15th, the 15th Ward NN was fortunate to have Walter Tsou, Board Advisor, Physcians for A National Health Program, and Marc Stier, PA Director, Health Care for America Now, address us on the opportunities and the pitfalls of health care reform under the new Obama administration....

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15th Ward Election Joy

NN Work in our Incredible Fairmount Neighborhood

By Bill Sensiba

November 23, 2008

The 15th ward rocked for Barack Obama. It all started with a traditional NN potluck on Sunday, September 7th, at which we met the Obama campaign field director for center city, Kate Brandon, and her very able volunteer leader, Ilya Knizhnik. Bill Greenlee told us he expected a hard fought campaign in Pennsylvania and admitted he was worried how older Democrats and veterans in the ward might be drawn to John McCain....

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