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2009 Philadelphia City Budget

What Should the Priorities Be?

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Recent news

Sucessful City Budget Forum

Audience listening attentively at budget forum
NN Sponsored Event Draws 200 Participants

March 15, 2009

The most important issue in Philly politics right now is the budget and how funding and taxation look after it is drafted. In anticipation NN and others met on March 14 to learn about and discuss choices about these matters. It was a highly informative and productive meeting....

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Some Budget Thoughts and Information

We Do Need to Know How This Works

By Stan Shapiro, Vice-Chair, Philly NN

February 24, 2009

The following are some thoughts about the upcoming City Council Budget Process. All progressives should know how this works so we can have our most impactful effect on its ultimate outcome. These remarks are contributed by Stan Shapiro, one of the founders of NN....

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NN Positions on State and Local Budgets

NN prepares for testimony and lobbying activities

By Gloria Gilman and Stan Shapiro

February 10, 2009

Neighborhood Networks has developed budget positions which will be the basis for future testimony in the upcoming budget hearings. This is a serious and difficult time and we need to be clear about our priorities and defend the most progressive and humanistic approaches to the choices ahead. If you are going to testify or wish to write a letter to the editor or participate in a demonstration or press conference, please note the content of these positions and help NN make an impact with its thoughtful conclusions and answers to the current situation. Thanks....

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Recent discussion

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Contact information

Contact person: Stan Shapiro
   Ward: 9
Phone: 215-247-9169 (Home)
Why we're involved

Like cities all over the country, Philadelphia has been hit hard by the current economic downturn, and hit in two ways: the tax revenues needed to pay for services have gone down, while the demand for those services is going up--more health centers, more homeless shelters, more public transportation. NN has helped start a citywide network of organizations, the Coalition to Save Essential Services, making sure that the budget process in City Council starts from the need to maintain services and does not pit groups representing different constituencies against each other (libraries vs. firehouses, trash pickup vs. health centers) to try to justify cuts.


The Facts
  • Mayor Nutter's initial response to the budget crisis, arrived at in closed-door meetings with his department heads, concentrated entirely on what services could be cut, and not on where the revenue to maintain those services could be found.
  • Most infamously, the mayor ordered the permanent closing of eleven of the city's 54 Free Library branches. As of this writing, the plan to close library branches has been blocked by a court order based on a city ordinance, although layoffs undertaken last year have made it difficult to keep all branches open for their regular hours.
  • The public discussion of the city's budget, in newspapers and in the town hall meetings organized by the mayor, now starts with finding new revenue options for the city, thanks to intensive organizing and publicity by groups like NN, the Coalition to Save the Libraries, and AFSCME District Council 47.

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