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Political endorsement process

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How we endorse candidates

When a candidate requests NN’s endorsement, the Elections Committee begins collecting information about that candidate and other candidates for the same office. The information is distributed to NN members who live in the relevant district. The committee may also make recommendations.

For citywide or statewide offices (e.g., mayor or governor), members in all neighborhood/ward groups vote on whom to endorse (if anyone). If a majority of the groups agree on a candidate, then the Steering Committee takes up the question. If two-thirds of the Steering Committee agree, then the candidate is endorsed.

For offices in districts within the city (e.g., state representative or district councilmember), the neighborhood/ward groups within the district vote on whom to endorse. If a majority of the groups agree, then the Steering Committee takes up the question. The decision of the groups can be overturned only by a two-thirds majority of the Steering Committee.

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